General Rules Borrowing Rules Library Fines


Library users are expected to observe the following library rules while using the library facilities. Any violation may incur disciplinary action.

         The use of CUI Abbottabad Library shall be open to the members of the following categories:

  • Members of the CUI Faculty. Officers and Staff.

  • Fellows, Research Scholars and Adjunct Faculty.

  • Students on the roll of the CUI Abbottabad Campus.

         Leave your personal belongings (bags, briefcases, handbags etc.) at the library entrance.

         Take care of your belongings as library disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage.

         Keep your cell phones on silent mode/switch off within library premises.

         To make the library environment more conducive for reading and research,
       gossiping, cell phone calls, sleeping, eating, drinking, smoking, chatting,
       and disturbing the order of library furniture is strictly prohibited.

         Submit library material(s) for inspection, if requested.

         Underlining, marking, folding and tearing pages of library materials is prohibited.

         Leave the library materials on tables after consulting/reading.

         Observe Electronic Resource Section rules while using library computing facilities.

         Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases:

  • Non payment of library fine(s)

  • Theft of library material(s)

  • Non payment of damage fine

  • Non returning of the temporary issued material within due time

  • Any kind of disturbance in library

  • Misconduct with the library staff

  • Breaching of established library rules and norms

All library users are requested to please before enter the library:

         Display your COMSATS ID card.

         Switch off your mobile phone.

         Enter with formal dress.

         Enter only for individual study not for discussion.


Borrowing Rules:

All registered members with valid Library Card are entitled to borrow library materials. The borrowing privileges may differ depending upon the membership category. The borrowing privileges for different membership categories are:


Borrowing Privileges

Time Period

Undergraduate students


One Month

Graduate students


One Month

Postgraduate students (MS/M.Phil./PhD)


One Month

Professors/Deans/Consultants/Associate Professors


One Semester

Assistant Professors


One Semester

Lecturers/Research Associates/Teaching Assistants


One Semester

Staff (leisure reading books)


One Semester

COMSATS ID card is necessary to borrow library materials.

  • Books borrowed by any patron can be reserved.
  • Reserved books may be collected within 2 days from the circulation desk.
  • Book(s) borrowed by any patron can be renewed for a period of 01 Month as long as the same is not reserved by another patron.
  • Non-circulating materials such as reference books, current journals, and research projects cannot be borrowed.
  • Non-circulating materials can only be used within library premises.
  • Any of the borrowed library materials is subject to recall as and when needed by the library.
  • If the patrons misplace any library material and is unable to find them, it is recommended to report at circulation desk immediately to avoid overdue fines.

Library Fines:-

Certain fines are charged for overdue (not returned on time) library materials. This is an effort to provide patrons an equal opportunity to make use of library materials and to maximize sharing of library collections.

         Overdue fine is charged from the first overdue date/day.

         Overdue fine on general books would be PKR10 per book per day.

         Overdue fine on temporarily issued materials would be PKR100 per day.

         Loss of library materials would be charged five times the current price of the lost books along with fine

         PKR100 will be fined of library user who involve in

         Use of mobile even ringing

         Discussion, Chat etc

         Running, eating, drinking, sleeping etc